Kenya Seifert was born and raised in the concrete jungle called Brooklyn, New York. Self taught since 14 years old, Kenya has always been been a creative individual. From making clothing out of paper, writing stories in her comprehension notebooks, to customizing avatar pictures/homepages on virtual reality websites, to performing with her Highschool’s senior band and orchestra ensemble class to pursuing Fine Arts in college. She studied Digital Design and Multimedia and obtained her BA at The City College of New York—one of the best colleges for Design in New York. Her major included Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Web Design, Digital Photography, and Animation.


What started out as a hobby, soon turned into a thriving business. It all started in 2017 when Kenya started posting digital portraits of public figures, musicians, and influencers on her Instagram for fun. They not only gained traction, but the muses themselves recognized, and reposted her work. Till this day some of the highlights of her design career includes reposts from one of her fav musicians Kashdoll to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia reposting her digital remake of their Yara Shahidi cover.